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Redox Ultra IMU 300ml | Redoxamin Vitamin C 150ml
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Brand Biohealer
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  • Vitamin C
  • Turmeric Juice & Apple Juice (Redoxamine)
  • Turmeric Juice & Astaxanthin (Redox Ultra)
  • No Process Sugar
  • No Additional Colors
  • No Gluten & GMO

Redoxamine and Redox Ultra are nutritional formulations in which vitamin C is naturally mixed using Turmeric Juice, Apple Juice and Astaxanthin as the main Content.


The benefits of taking Vitamin C consistently can help improve your body's immune system against bacterial resistance.


Why is Redoxamin & Redox Ultra recommended compared to other Vitamin C?


1. They are liquid, easily absorbed.

2. It is a liquid form so it is easy to give to infants & children.

3. Vitamin C used is sodium ascorbate, which is more stomach friendly than vitamin C ascorbic acid.

4. It has no added sugar, coloring or harmful preservatives.

5. Each purchase will be able to guide consumption & nutrition protocols from agents unlike any other vitamin C in the market.



Benefits of Redox Ultra:


1. Help to stop itching and inflammation more quickly and effectively.

2. The function of Vitamin C, green apples and turmeric is supplemented with ASTAXANTHIN ingredients.

3. 3x double Vitamin C from Redoxamin.

4. More save, Larger size and longer lasting.

5. Have a natural anticholinergic. Strengthens anti-histamine effects of allergy and itching.

6. To strengthen the problematic genetics.

7. Help patients with eczema, nausea, nausea and headaches in a natural and safe way.


How to Consume


For Eczema

1) Baby (0-1): start 1 drop increase 1 drop per week
2) Kids (1-12th) start 0.5ml increasing 0.2ml weekly.
3) Adults (> 12 years): start 1ml up to 0.5ml per week
4) Breastfeeding: start 0.5ml. increase 0.2ml per week
* Take breakfast in the morning after breakfast once a day.
* For children & adults it can mix with 1/2 cup of boiling water


For Gastric & Gerd

Start with 1 drop & mix in boiling water once a day after cooking.



1) Don't consume any flour type due to high gluten

2) Don't consume Fastfood

3) Don't consume process food



How to store

1) Keep in the fridge all the time due to non-preservative ingredient.

2) Opened Redox need to consume before 3 months

3) Unopen Redox can last 6 months in the refrigerator



Eczema Testimony:



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What's in the box

1 x Redox Ultra IMU 300ml | Redoxamin Vitamin C 150ml

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